Ukraine Crisis Solution Paths

As of March 2nd 2022

Disclaimer: This conflict seem to obviously have actors that are outright guilty of breaking international laws with varying disregard for human life and moral suppression through obedience. We however still intend to look for possible diplomatic solutions, at macro high-level, that could benefit all parties in order to bring peace and prosperity to the region.

Diplomatic Solution 1

This scenario requires 4 parties at the same negotiation table: Russia, Ukraine, Nato and Belarus. Isolated Russia-Ukraine and Russia-Nato talks clearly do not work.

Who wins what

Diplomatic Scenario 2

Ukraine split into 2 countries

Okay, at first glance this one seems more dramatic and a clear win for the actual Russian regime on the short-term. However, this could possibly potentiate positive development over 10+ years.

Western Ukraine free to join Nato

Eastern Ukraine as autonomous region of Russia

What can we all do right now

Work from home or closer to home when possible

We know that businesses are re-opening after a though pandemic. However we all saw at the beginning of 2020 how working from home can have a huge impact on oil prices which would negate immense revenue streams to Russia and reduce inflation at home. Shared working spaces that are closer to home could be a nice compromise for those who are fed up with the personal isolation that the pandemic brought on everyone. Ask that your company make their hybrid work arrangements to still favor more working from home.

Take public transport

Still want or need to physically be present at work? Then public transport would also be a better choice to help bring the costs of oil down.